Love your Trees

Are you looking for a different approach to tree care? We are committed to providing a truly different experience for all of your tree care needs. Times and the industry are changing, and all too often many of the "professionals" are stuck in the past. Nashville is a booming city with deep historic roots that are being destroyed by well meaning but untrained tree care companies. We want to serve you and your trees at the same time. A There are many advances in technology that allow for the preservation of our tree heritage.

Tree to Prune What We Do:

The first step in your tree care process is to assess the Risk and Benefits of each tree. Our Certified Arborist and Climber Specialist will do an in-depth risk analysis of your landscape and provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision about your trees. We can then guide you through the process of minimizing risk while maintaining the value of your property. ArborCare always views removal as the last option. We have found that many trees need to be removed due to their hazardous conditions, but there are many trees that can be saved for future enjoyment.

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