Tree Services


Our employees are required to attend hours of training per year on pruning trees. The best critics of our work are the trees that we pruned over 10 years ago!


We offer an environmentally friendly solution for stressed trees- compost tea has been proven the best fertilizer and it is totally natural and not harmful to people or animals.

Soil Therapy

With the compatible soils that are common in middle Tennessee, the pores in the soil are often compacted by foot or vehicle traffic (even lawnmowers). This is why so many lawn companies aerate lawns in the fall. Your trees suffer from the same problems that the grass does. We offer several different options that will help out damaged soils.

Crown Cleaning

If left to themselves, trees will grow their branches too densely and will compete with each other for light. The result of this is branch dieback and shedding. Watch your head! We recommend removing any dead, dying, deceased, decaying, or rubbing branches. This will minimize the risk of someone (or you) being hurt on your property.


While this is a last option in our opinion, we have arguably some of the best removal technicians in the industry. Our technicians can be seen giving lecturers all over the country on rigging for removal.

Cabling and Bracing

So many times we have seen a beautiful tree destroyed that could have been saved by some proactive "hardware". We install several different types of support including: Noninvasive, Steel, Ground anchors and Guying.

Lightning Protection

It is an inevitable fact that trees will be struck by lightning, and in most cases this results in the tree dying. We can install a state of the art protection system that will channel the high voltage and heat away from your tree's cambium layer and into the ground.

Soil Compaction

It's not common knowledge, but tree roots need air to survive. When the pore space around roots becomes so compacted the roots don't get air-(also inhibiting water uptake)-the whole tree can die. It's not always a case of trucks and heavy equipment causing the deadly compaction.